How to Successfully Interview for a Job - Part 5

14.    Sell yourself during the job interview.

   a)  Get the other person talking first.

        Start by asking them to amplify some points about the company you learned from your research.

        Second, ask: “What does success in this position look like?” Remember, their interest in you is limited to how successful they think you can be in the job. Answers to this question will tell you what’s most important to the employer and will lead you as to how to proceed with the conversation. (Accomplishing this is most challenging when meeting with someone from the HR department because they usually have an interview script to follow.)

   b)  In answering their questions, focus on how your experience, accomplishments, and skills qualify you for the job. They’ve already told you what’s important for success. Now you “connect the dots.”

        Maintain confidence. If you’ve followed all the points made in this series, you’ve given careful consideration to the industry, company, and position in light of your background and job goals. Be positive and optimistic about your abilities to be successful in the position.