How to Successfully Interview for a Job - Part 2

4.    Prepare your resume.

a)   BE HONEST! Don’t include false or misleading statements.

b)   Prepare a special resume for this opportunity. You should have a general resume with information about past jobs, accomplishments, and skills. Now create a specific resume that includes past employment and highlights accomplishments and skills relevant to this company’s needs. Once you’ve done your homework on the industry, company, and position, as we reviewed in Part 1, this is fairly straightforward. (We will cover how to create a winning resume in a future post.)

c)   You can include a brief cover letter.

5. Deliver your resume and application in person if possible. If it’s a large company, you’ll likely have to present it to the HR department. Try to present it to the person to whom the position reports—your future boss. Dress well. Express your interest in the position and in being a part of their team.

See Part 3 next week for tips on how to present yourself during the interview.