How to Successfully Interview for a Job - Part 4

9.    During the interview, focus on obtaining a job offer. Don’t lose sight of this objective, even if you feel some negative vibes. You may feel differently later when you reflect on the entire interview.

10.   Listen carefully to questions. Be sure you understand what the question is. If you aren’t sure, ask for clarification.

11.    Respond to each question with the bottom line answer first, then elaborate. People often make the mistake of talking too much before they answer the question. Keep your answer to the point.

12.    Maintain eye contact. You may have a tendency to focus elsewhere while talking to a person. Don’t do that! Look at the interviewer while listening and answering.

13.    Be prepared to provide clarification on questions they may have about the content of your resume.

For specific pointers on how to sell yourself, see Part 5